Friday, April 16, 2010

My Policy on Trading Work

*New Policy*
I will only grant my services to those who REALLY are interested in becoming models for the fashion and commercial print industry.

-Before you ask "Do you do TF** Work?" YES...but...
understand that this question is quite commonly used within the industry. So if you are NEW, please understand that photographers have a business to run, equipment to insure and to maintain. That is solely the main reason why a photographer would ask you, the model/talent for compensation. I am not at all, one sided to this opinion, models do need to get paid also, but it will take a lot of patience at the start of your career. Eventually, with a well rounded portfolio, you will start to notice your money's worth when you start getting paid gigs through the agencies. As photographers, we are also there to ensure proper exposure for your best interests and make your investments worth waiting for.

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