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Monday, July 26, 2010

From East to West Photo Shoot

Originally from Wisconsin, Kristin & Cory are both identical twin singers, song writers, and dancers that travel and perform frequently around the world. With a concept in mind, I decided to photograph them in an old ghost town near Nelson, NV. A story of two, extraordinary and inspiring young twins that moved from the east coast over to the west to pursue their passion and career in the Music industry. They found themselves a new home in the heart of Las Vegas, NV.
With the dramatic change in the expected west coast climate, different from what they are use to, Kristin and Cory has produced some extra heat for the summers of Las Vegas.

Final Production

Behind the Scenes video is up. Click Here to watch!

Random Pics of the Month

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming Photo shoot (Complete)

Photographer and the Time Machine
(Story-board Concept 1)

If I were to bring back the time of elegance and poise, How would I photograph it?

Simple. As a poet who writes calligraphy with a burning, desirable passion for love, but with a twist of today's fashion Era.
What is true love? True love is to find peace of mind with a soul mate. How do I find true love? If to find love, means to wait for the right moment in time, than I will wait patiently. Until then, I will not need to find love, Love will find me. eventually you'll see where I'm going with this... Traveling back through time I, as a photographer, will find love through this intense passion of photography, to find love, waiting to love me back, through photography... and to leave my history where it should be, in the past.

The time machine, what is a time machine? what purpose may it have? That are the questions held in the deep memories of my mind. Is it wrong? to travel through a time machine to make things right again? I say nay, thus the only happiness to be found is to forgive thy self for the selfish behaviors and the corrupt decisions that were made. Deep as this may sound, I too would someday, love again. Loved to be one photographing the beauty. Beauty in one's soul, beauty in one's body, beauty in one's self-personality and beauty in one's self-conscience. Until then, take unto my mind, as I have travelled through time to find you... my love, my everything... and everything within this time machine.

Model: Allegra H.
MUA/Hair: Janoel
Location: Mt. Charleston

A Summer's Winter
(Story-board Concept 2)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Fooods!

Party Dish

Vanilla Floating Island
Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Milk Chocolate Orange Velvet Cake
Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Seared Ahi Tuna
Blue Martini Las Vegas

Friday, April 16, 2010

My ABR800 Ringflash from Alien Bee

I will soon be posting some new photos used with my new light source. There has been many topics and discussions about this ring flash giving both, good and bad reviews... let's see what the commotion is all about. I will post a few photos, Come back soon!

Get a head start on your new and decided career

If you are interested from being a part-time model to a full-time model, this section is for you. Becoming a model takes time, effort and determination not alone, Motivation too. know what you are getting yourself into, do a little research before you make the leap. make sure you understand the hardships and accept them so you are not wasting your time and others in the profession. With the right attitude and the right knowledge, may you become successful.

Find a Photographer:

-Get an established portfolio, Some photographers will do trade work(common term TFCD/TFP), but that is when they only need new images to improve their portfolio as well. If you are not certain of what to ask, almost every model or talent start off their portfolio with standard head shots and maybe also throwing in a couple of full body shots as well as 1/4 and 1/2 body shots depending on the type of work you are trying to achieve. Always be cautious on to whom you are choosing, check the photographers work/website, quality over quantity, again that is my opinion. If you feel that you need an escort at the upcoming shoot, please do so for your own safety.

Choosing a Modeling/Talent Agency:
I am one person to believe that an agency get's paid when a model get's paid from a job and not upfront by the model when signing a contract. Modeling and Talent Agencies help assist, and guide you to finding modeling/acting gigs and NOT to be taken advantage of the model's investments. Like in any other job, consider this job as another interview...look your best, act your best, be your best but, just be yourself!

- Which agency is right for me? There are many agencies out there to choose from. Choosing the right agency can lead you to hastening your career towards your success. While choosing the wrong one can make a hole in your pockets and make you lose your interest. Find an agency that suits your profile, one that benefits you the most. For example, if you are 5'7" or above for females or 5'9" or above for males, you may consider runway, fashion, print and promotional work depending on the agencies criteria. Consider choosing a modeling agency that works directly within your best interest. Models who are under 5'7" are limited in the job field although, don't be discouraged by that small, tiny detail, in some cases...their are some jobs that are open to any criteria.

Like I said before, the agencies are their to help, assist, and guide you. Listen and take in what the agent has to say. After all, they are the professionals in their line of work. Just as the photographers are professionals in their line of work. A legit agency will mold you to become who you want to be and are there for your best interest.

Your Portfolio:
- Your portfolio should consist of a a minimum of 12 professional photographs although, the more the better. In order to keep the agencies awake while viewing your portfolio, I suggest using different photographers from time to time. switching up on the photographers will increase the agencies best interest in your work ethics.

- What do agencies look for in a talent/model? Each photographer has their own unique style and concepts, it is better to explore them all to gain those different outcomes. Those who can become a "chameleon" when it comes to work may lead to more exposure. Confidence, having different photographers will improve your confidence in front of the camera and through person-to-person interviews. Determination, your portfolio is all your hard earned work and commitment to your career. Having a solid Portfolio will increase your chances of being booked for jobs through the agencies.

My Policy on Trading Work

*New Policy*
I will only grant my services to those who REALLY are interested in becoming models for the fashion and commercial print industry.

-Before you ask "Do you do TF** Work?" YES...but...
understand that this question is quite commonly used within the industry. So if you are NEW, please understand that photographers have a business to run, equipment to insure and to maintain. That is solely the main reason why a photographer would ask you, the model/talent for compensation. I am not at all, one sided to this opinion, models do need to get paid also, but it will take a lot of patience at the start of your career. Eventually, with a well rounded portfolio, you will start to notice your money's worth when you start getting paid gigs through the agencies. As photographers, we are also there to ensure proper exposure for your best interests and make your investments worth waiting for.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Fashion Concepts coming Soon!

I will be coming up with a new series of Fashion Concepts within the upcoming month's this year, Working closely with Designers of Las Vegas, If you have any Designs you would like to contribute to the collection, please feel free to contact me.

-Joseph Donato

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Note from the Photographer

To photograph is a passion, it is a profession that requires an artistic talent. Every minute of everyday something spectacular happens; whether it be a special event or a relaxed kickback time in your life. Photographing these unforgettable moments will give you a lifetime of memories. Take pride in who you are remember, you go through life one time. So live it to the fullest; reminisce and share your memories through photographs.

-Joseph Donato
"My simple philosophy is live to photograph, not photograph to live."
-Steve Williams

Sunday, January 3, 2010