Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming Photo shoot (Complete)

Photographer and the Time Machine
(Story-board Concept 1)

If I were to bring back the time of elegance and poise, How would I photograph it?

Simple. As a poet who writes calligraphy with a burning, desirable passion for love, but with a twist of today's fashion Era.
What is true love? True love is to find peace of mind with a soul mate. How do I find true love? If to find love, means to wait for the right moment in time, than I will wait patiently. Until then, I will not need to find love, Love will find me. eventually you'll see where I'm going with this... Traveling back through time I, as a photographer, will find love through this intense passion of photography, to find love, waiting to love me back, through photography... and to leave my history where it should be, in the past.

The time machine, what is a time machine? what purpose may it have? That are the questions held in the deep memories of my mind. Is it wrong? to travel through a time machine to make things right again? I say nay, thus the only happiness to be found is to forgive thy self for the selfish behaviors and the corrupt decisions that were made. Deep as this may sound, I too would someday, love again. Loved to be one photographing the beauty. Beauty in one's soul, beauty in one's body, beauty in one's self-personality and beauty in one's self-conscience. Until then, take unto my mind, as I have travelled through time to find you... my love, my everything... and everything within this time machine.

Model: Allegra H.
MUA/Hair: Janoel
Location: Mt. Charleston

A Summer's Winter
(Story-board Concept 2)